Friday, September 18, 2009

Hit the Toucan!

Cecilia has a bouncy seat with an attachment that has a toucan and a monkey which hang in front of her. If she hits one of them, it makes the music play. For a while now she has been able to make it go by hitting them with her knees, but she was never able to use her hands to do it, except very occasionally by accident. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent guiding her hand into it saying "Hit the toucan! Hit the toucan!", like some kind of idiot.

Our friend Marta was baby-sitting her last night and remarked on how she uses her hands to reach for things, in contrast to her son Langdon, who is two days older than Cecilia. So this morning I thought I would give the ole toucan a try, and sure enough she reached for it right away and made the music go. Of course I wanted to capture this on video and get a clear shot, so I grabbed the camera and took her "blanky" (cloth diaper) away and started filming. Here is the result:

Hmmm...something tells me she wanted her blanky of course I happily obliged. Here is the final magnum opus, which I will entitle "Hitting the Toucan while Wrestling with my Blanky".

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