Friday, September 25, 2015

Morse School Playground

Most school days when the weather is decent, I hang out with the kids in the playground at Morse with all of Cecilia's after school friends. It was really great to start this up again, see everyone, and enjoy the perfect late Summer weather. Cecilia is always so thoughtful of her brother and includes him in everything, here is a video of one of their silly games.

Reading to Little Brother

Nice Picture

Took this after a great day at the Blue Hills reservation and Houghton Pond.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Big Swing

See Saw

Good times at the Cambridge Commons with Grandam.

Cape Cod Crab Hunt

I had an amazing afternoon with Cecilia and her friend Nicholas in the tide pools of a beach in Chatham. The highlight was definitely discovering that the crabs dig little holes to hide in late in the day.
Here is Cecilia with one of her trophies on her arm.

Just as Good as a Car Seat

I got a bike in May and Phillip keeps falling asleep in his seat!

Fort Phillip

Sand "castles" were big this summer.