Monday, January 30, 2012

How Nana does it

Tahamina, our home care provider (or "nana" as all the kids call her), is amazing. She takes care of 6 kids every day, and not just in her house. She takes them all over Cambridge - the community center, several different playgrounds, the library, etc. She doesn't drive, so she walks everywhere with them, across busy streets, down the city sidewalks, and all of them behave. How does she do it? I can barely take care of one active little girl as we are trying to cross a busy street. Here is just a brief example of how:

The two youngest kids go in the stroller, and the other 4 kids hold onto the corners and all walk nicely along. Amazing.

Halloween 2011

The night before, everyone got together and there was a preview Halloween parade. Aaron's bow at the end is the perfect touch. :)

On Halloween itself, unfortunately I only had my phone, which doesn't do a great job in the dark, but here are a few select pictures:

The videos are a little better, but not by much:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Harvard Square Music Man

One day after gymnastics and swim class, we wandered over to Harvard Square. Cecilia was fascinated by this guy who wore a bazillion instruments and was dancing around singing songs. Even though it was pretty cold outside, she made us stop several times to watch him.

Maybe we should hire him for her birthday party....

Wilson Farm

Later in October, Cecilia and Mommy went to another farm, which had some fun Halloween activities! This is the side of the farm building, which had 100 pumpkins all stuck on these ledges built on the wall:

They also had a really cool Halloween hayride, which had scary animals, and funny Halloween pictures along the way:

We also climbed their big haystack, and went through their burlap maze. Cecilia thought it was pretty cool to be so high up on the bales of hay.

Topsfield Fair

In early October, Cecilia and I went to the renowned Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA. This rivaled the California State Fair that I used to go to every year in Sacramento. The event was complete with horse and cattle shows, milking demonstrations, pig races, a midway, and, of course, carnival rides!

I don't think Cecilia was all that impressed by these award-winning cows:

Of course, she loved the rides:

Even though it doesn't look like she was having fun on the carousel in the video, she had to go on it twice. :)

We also fed the goats and I fed a camel! This was one of the first times I've seen Cecilia brave enough to feed the goats all by herself.

The last thing we did was see a pig race. Cecilia thought it was great! I don't have any pictures or videos of the actual pig race, but here is Cecilia dancing to some of the pig-racing music while eating popcorn in the bleachers.

Daddy and Cecilia working on their laptops

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Here is a sweet video of Cecilia and I playing at home.

The Return!

This was Cecilia's first morning back to Tahamina's after about a month absence.