Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Her First Hike

We took Cecilia hiking for the first time on August 1, 2009 in Noanet State Park just outside Boston. It was a quick hike, maybe a mile each way, up a hill that has a view of the distant Boston skyline. It was a really nice day and we had a great time. Next time we pack a picnic though!
Here are a few more pics from the day.
One interesting thing happened on the way up. We were passed by a mountain biker, older guy probably around 50. He stopped us and told us that he and his son had hiked up here more times than he could count, but that now his son was 22 and living in Argentina. He was sad and told us to treasure the time we have now with Cecilia. We hear that a lot and are doing our best!
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