Sunday, March 22, 2015

Phillip Gymnastics

Here is a long video of Phillip at gymnastics from last weekend - unfortunately the quality leaves a bit to be desired. It was really cool to watch him develop the last few months in class, because in the beginning he would barely participate or listen to anything the teacher (the famous Mr. Marco) said. By the end, as you can see here, was doing really well. The end of the video paints a picture of what it was like when he first started the class.

Phillip BCM - March 2015

Phillip was going crazy at this one part of the Children's museum last weekend, he must have done it 20 times in a row!

Special Talent

St. Patrick's Day

Seems this is what she's learning in school...

Monday, March 9, 2015

Cecilia the Horse

Phillip can be tough to handle right now, especially for his sister. He is constantly trying to "fight" with her and generally just being a nudgenik. That being said, she still loves him very much and then they are playing nicely together it's really wonderful to watch.

Winter 2015 Fashion

Great Works of Literature