Monday, September 22, 2014

The Boston Massacre

A few weeks ago I took Cecilia on a guided tour of the Freedom Trail for kids. Here is a clip where the guide talked about the Boston Massacre.

Phillip Meets Minny Mouse (for real!)

Harvard Soccer Game

Here are Cecilia and Maia Cecilia at the Harvard women's soccer game hte other weekend.

Bumper Cars

We went to this crummy little amusement park near Cape Cod on Sunday and I couldn't wait to post this "selfie" video of Cecilia driving a bumper car. The lines were really short so we went on it like six or seven times in a row while Phillip was sleeping on mommy's lap. So much fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


BCM Climbing Wall

Here is a nice video of Cecilia at the Boston Children's Museum on their climbing wall. She falls off at the end, but I am really proud of her strength and ability to do this kind of thing. I often get comments from other parents impressed with how well she navigates the jungle gym and I know she takes great pride in her ability to do the monkey bars and generally climb all over things. Watching her in the playground, I can tell the older kids are impressed with her too and it pumps up her "playground cred".

Meeting Cinderella

Here is another video from our trip to Storyland.