Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cecilia's New House

Kind of ironic that we probably never mentioned we bought a condo in all the writing on this blog, but we closed about three weeks ago on our first house. We took Cecilia over here a bunch of times before we moved in to get her used to it, but were still really worried about the big day. When I was here with her and I would say, "this is Cecilia's new house" she would get mad and say emphatically, "No!".

So moving day was a pain, but nothing out of the ordinary. I had set a goal for myself to have her room reasonably set up by the time she got home. By 4 o'clock the movers had left, I had eaten a late lunch, showered, and was ready to try and squeeze in a nap before I had to pick her up. But I got a second wind and remembered my pledge so made her room presentable and put a bunch of her toys and other familiar objects in the play room.

When we got here, she didn't react too much since she had visited several times already and I kept telling her I had a big surprise. I lead her into the playroom and it was really funny - she looked around and saw all her toys and seemed confused for a moment...and then just sat down and started playing with everything. Eventually I lead her into her room in the back and she saw the big bear and her animals and gave them a big hug as usual, as if nothing was different at all.

She slept great that first night and really every night since, today she actually didn't get up until almost 730. Her new room is a bit darker and much quieter so I guess that is making the difference. The place is still a huge mess and we're only maybe 1/4 unpacked, but she has adjusted really well. She LOVES having a bathtub, it's hard to get her out of there she enjoys it so much.

I'll post pictures soon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Eating by Herself

Cecilia is eating more and more on her own now.

It's a small thing, but I thought it was pretty cool one evening last week when she ate a peach out of her hand. Normally we cut up the fruit for her, but I was eating this peach and she really wanted it. I tore off a few small bites but she kept pointing to the peach like she wanted to hold it. I was skeptical that she could eat it, but she did great.

In this second video Joanne is teaching her to use a spoon. I did it again a bit tonight and she is really pretty good at it. Sometimes it's funny because you think there's no way she'll be able to do something, but that's just because you haven't let her try.

Ok I'm all caught up on video now except for footage of her pink Cadillac...

An Excellent Disposition

Cecilia has been so much fun lately, it's like she's almost always in a good mood. She laughs all the time - especially when she's playing with her mom. Joanne and her just have the best time together and it's really great to watch, here's a small example.

Mattress Madness!

My mom was here this weekend and Cecilia went absolutely nuts on the inflatable mattress.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Napping on the Big Bear

Cecilia loves to cuddle up on the big bear with her animals for naps. Here she is this morning (don't tell Joanne I gave in to her temper tantrum and gave her a binky, we're trying to wean her off it).