Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Reading books with Daddy

Cecilia now likes Daddy to read to books to both her AND Phillip every night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I took this on the way to her friend Zeke's birthday party, and thought she looked cute in her party outfit and new umbrella.

Monday, November 5, 2012

French Toast

Here are Cecilia and mommy making French toast yesterday. The bonus audio is Phillip next to the microphone on the iPad.

Snow White

Yesterday we had movie night with Cecilia, and she watched Snow White for the first time. This is what she said about the evil queen (who had transformed into the old hag) when she was holding the poison apple:

"She needs to cut her fingernails! But we don't want to get too close to her because she might kill us."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chicago in the Summer

While we were in Chicago for Uncle Bruce's wedding, we enjoyed the many things the city had to offer - we had no idea that Chicago could be that much fun!

We stayed near Bruce's apartment, at a place called Ray's Bucktown Bed & Breakfast. This place was very homey and ecclectically decorated, with a fantastic breakfast made to order. Grandma and Grandpa were even able to join us for free for a few mornings! Of course, the first night we were there, we had pushed Cecilia's bed up against a wall so she couldn't fall out of it, and the best thing to her was jumping from bed to bed. She kept that up for an hour.

In Chicago, we also discovered the Chicago Zoo and Lincoln Park. We went to the zoo with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Pattie, Uncle Rochester, Uncle Dick, and cousin Ethan. Here is a video composite of the zoo trip:

Cecilia had a fantastic time, and spent some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa:

Lincoln Park was pretty amazing, and we went back a second time later in the week. Immediately adjacent to the park, or perhaps part of it, is a really great beach, perfect for little kids as it is very shallow and has mild waves. Cecilia has never been one to turn down a beach.

New York Grandma went with us the second time, and we also went to a museum just outside of Lincoln Park, which had an awesome butterfly room.

That same week, we also visited the famous Millenium Park in Chicago. It was way to big to fully explore, but we spent quite a lot of time at the water fountains.

There is also a "Kids Fair" that goes on during the summer there, and there were tons of activities inside a big tent, including music and shows, hula hoops, building blocks, art projects, etc. Cecilia really enjoyed the blocks.

There are also lots of fantastic sculptures, etc in the park, including this huge reflecting sculpture. There are a lot of weird surfaces and curves as part of this sculpture, and you can stare at yourself from various angles.

And finally, we passed by one of the large jet fountains on our way back to the car. Cecilia was running in her flip flops toward this fountain and fell and scraped her knees pretty badly. But she was a trooper and still smiled and posed for the camera for this great shot of the family. What a good girl.

One of the last days we were there, we visited Uncle Dick, Auntie Sarah, and Ethan at their new house in Evanston. It was truly an impressive house, and Cecilia had a great time playing with Ethan's toys and the other adults. Quite a lot of time was spent chasing Grandma around!

And finally, here is a random video of Cecilia singing with Grandma:

We like Chicago so much, that it's made our short list of top 5 places to live. Of course, we only saw the summer... :)  The full set of pictures can be found here.

Uncle Bruce's Wedding

In July we all traveled to Chicago for Uncle Bruce's wedding! On Friday, we had the "rehearsal dinner", which was a fantastic Chinese banquet, followed by some dancing. Cecilia chose to wear her best blue dress, which she says makes her look like Cinderella.

Mom and Dad gave a nice toast, as did Uncle Richard, and Dick was a fantastic emcee.

 The food was fantastic and everyone had a really good time.

 We got some good pictures too of a lot of families with the happy couple.

Cecilia particularly enjoyed the dancing! The young ones all broke the ice and began the dancing. Cecilia loves dancing with Daddy!

Cecilia actually outlasted a lot of the grownups, and closed the dance floor down at 11pm.

The next day was the actual wedding, which was a very low-key and beautiful ceremony. 

Cecilia was so proud - she and Ethan had the honor of being the ring bearers!

Mazel Tov to Eileen and Bruce!!! We were all so happy to celebrate with them. :)
The full set of pictures can be found here.