Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daddy's 40th Birthday

Daddy celebrated his 40th birthday this year! He got to go to Puerto Rico with some of his friends, but he mostly enjoyed a celebration at home with his family.

Complete with birthday ice cream cake of course. This video is fuzzy, but you get the idea:

Opening the presents (Daddy got his "sacred" iPad):

The aftermath of ice cream cake:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Apple Circus

Cecilia loves the shows, whether it's a music show, puppet show, some weird guy on the street doing a little act... so I took her to the Big Apple Circus in April. She was so excited, and we had front row seats! Here are a few select pictures and videos.

One act with 3 black horses running around the ring was so close to us - you could almost reach out and touch them when they were running past.

The Chinese acrobats came out and did a few different acts in different flashy costumes. Also super close.

 She wouldn't keep her eyes open for any of the pictures, so all of them taken on this day are with her laughing and squeezing her eyes shut.


It was getting a little late after the intermission, and I think sitting in front may have actually done her in - we were so close to the action it was a little daunting, so in the second half of the show, Cecilia asked to go home, so we did. But I'm pretty sure she had a great time anyways. And she still remembers "Grandma clown" and how the clown did a bit with a boy from the audience where they spit all this water at each other (ew). She says she likes her real Grandmas better. :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rhode Island with Soli

In April, we went to Providence Rhode Island for a weekend and spent it with my friend Soli and her family. Soli is somewhat I knew from wayyyy back in middle school. I think. She's now married to a really nice guy named Lee, and has a 2 year-old son, Kaveh, with another one on the way!

It was great weather that weekend and the kids hit it off. Here are a few pics and videos:

Friday, June 8, 2012

Beach time with Natalie and Chloe!

There is a holiday in Boston called Marathon Day, which is in April, during which the Boston Marathon is run. The temps were supposed to hit 80 degrees, so we decided to hit the beach with Sarah, Natalie, and Chloe. Of course, everyone in the whole world had the same idea since this was the first 80 degree weather for the year, and it happened to fall on a holiday. We started out toward Wingaersheek Beach, which is somewhere we've gone multiple times - beautiful sand, great facilities, food available, etc. We started running into some pretty heavy traffic closer to the beach, and then maybe half a mile from the beach, the traffic just stopped. We sat there for maybe 15 minutes, and there was no movement at all! Some of the cars started turning around and leaving, and you could see every single vehicle was a van or SUV filled with kids and families. Apparently they closed the parking lot to the beach because the beach was full, and they couldn't take any more people! So we eventually turned around too, and thank goodness for smartphones - we found Fort Stage Park in Gloucester, which was relatively close by. Not quite as nice as Wingaersheek, but a perfectly good beach from the kids' point of view.

The full pictures of the day can be found here, but here are a few highlights:

They climbed some huge rocks with Daddy - what big girls!

They really enjoyed picking snails and other little sea creatures off the seaweed covering the rocks and putting them in their pails. UGH. Those poor snails eventually got completely covered with sand, but we dumped them out before we left, so hopefully they were okay.
Of course, they played with the sand a lot:

One drawback was that the bathrooms at this state park weren't open yet (not until Memorial Day), so everyone there (all the people who woke up late and didn't get to Crane Beach or Wingaersheek Beach on time) was looking for a bathroom! We went on a long circuitous route looking for bathrooms all over the beach, and couldn't find any, and eventually, Cecilia accidentally just peed in her swimsuit on the grass. She started walking funny (because her crotch was all wet). And wasn't it nice - Natalie decided to keep her company, and peed in her swimsuit too! So they were both walking funny until we were able to wash them off a bit:

And here's a video of Chloe. I think it was her first beach outing ever!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dana Park Videos

Here is a collection of videos from Dana Park over the last few months, including riding her new bike, playing in the sprinkler, and learning to pump on the big girl swing.