Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Growing up

Cecilia is really growing up... how many times have I said that already? These were in another link that Pete posted before, but in her new swimsuit and drinking juice ("joos!") out of a box,

Jasper's Birthday Party

Cecilia's friend Jasper from daycare had his fourth birthday party on Saturday so most of the crew was there. Given that Cecilia spends nine hours a day five days a week with them we really have not posted enough about that part of her life. I guess that's understandable, since we're not there to see what goes on or take pictures.

Jasper is a cool little kid - he took about six months to warm up to me but now we are buddies. He loves super heroes and dinosaurs and is very nice to Cecilia - he gives her toys and lets Tahamina know if she has any problems. His sister Bronwyn is two and is also at daycare, here is the album.

That's Bronwyn there with Tahamina (Na Na) and Cecilia.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visiting Grandma in New York

We went to New York last weekend and stayed with Grandma for two great days. Saturday the weather was perfect - not too hot or humid - and we wandered from our house to the opposite corner of Central Park and back.

It was a great day for me since I have so many memories from all over the park, and it was fun to share it with my family.

Cecilia wandered everywhere and was totally inquisitive and engaged, except during those two naps...

Here are more pictures.

Uncle Bruce

Bruce stopped in on Cecilia and the rest of us for five days last week and he got to spend some with quality time with his niece. He just went backpacking in Minnesota for five days and is headed for Scotland soon for a "business school" project. Cecilia took to Bruce right away and they had a good time together all week around the house, at the playground, and out to dinner.

Bruce took these great videos, but unfortunately he is not in any of them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bumper Boats

Joanne insisted on taking Cecilia on the bumper boats at a Mass General family function last Sunday. She was a little scared but seemed to have fun. I know Joanne definitely had a blast - see for yourself.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Playground Pics

Here are some pictures from a couple of recent trips to the playground. Some of them have our friend "Big" Rick from Philly and his son Alex in them, who were in Boston for the weekend.

Here is the Picassa album.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moving Day

Luckily we didn't forget this box...

The Most Ironic Thing Ever Written

I clean my daughter's room every day.

I think only my mother can really appreciate how funny that is.

Harvard Museum of Naturaly History vs. Target

I have been taking Cecilia to the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Sunday mornings (when it's free) and letting her run all over the place. She really loves it although she is generally not too interested in the exhibits. Anyway yesterday afternoon we happened to go to Target afterward and I let her run all over the store as well.

Advantage Target.

Backup Daycare

Tajamina was on vacation last week so we took Cecilia to the "backup daycare center" at Mass General. It's designed for employee-parents who need a temporary place to leave their children, which is a really great benefit for anyone with kids if you think about it. It was certainly a nice place with friendly staff, but...Cecilia was NOT happy to be left with a bunch of strangers.

Everyone morning she would cry terribly and cling to me before I left - it was pretty heart-wrenching. Real tears streaming down her face as she held on fiercely and I would eventually have to literally tear her away from me. After the first day she was fine after I left but still it was a really terrible way to start the day for both of us.

She seemed very excited to see Tahamina this morning and I kept telling her she was going to see Na Na. She actually found the suntan lotion and brought it to me put on her, which is incredible because she hates it, and was pushing on the door trying to get out while I was looking for keys, etc. So it was a bit of a let down when we got there and she was very tentative, Tahamina said she looked worried that she would leave again. Anyway at least there were no tears and things are getting back to normal.