Friday, June 21, 2013

Some funny pics of the kids from November 2013

This is Cecilia one night, who fell asleep WHILE we were reading books to her. That never happens. She must have been one tired girl that night...

I'm biased, but I think Phillip is cute even when he's crying. I find this picture funny because now, at 10 months old, when he cries, he looks exactly the same as he did when he was crying at the age of 3 months, which you see in the pic below. At 3 months, he couldn't move, so I could catch a picture of him crying. Now at 10 months, if he's crying, he's making a beeline for me, trying to crawl up my legs, and making way way more noise, so I'm just not able to take a picture of him crying anymore.

Even at 3 months old, sometimes Phillip would fall into such a deep sleep, that we could dress and undress him, and he wouldn't wake up.

Here Cecilia insisted on wearing her hats and her mittens inside.

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